What is this course all about?

Metal pre-treatment to various surfaces, Basic surface preparation, Primers and filler, Thinning ratios, Gun Techniques and application, Top coat application and Finishing off processes.

Where can I study this course?

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Established in the 1960’s, our Carlisle campus is now known as one of Perth's best kept secrets. On the outskirts of the Perth CBD, Carlisle’s modest buildings house some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. Our Carlisle campus houses some of the most sophisticated training equipment in the world and is Western Australia's major centre for automotive studies and panel beating.
Carlisle Campus
What sort of course is it?
Short Course - Personal interest or development

What are the entrance requirements?

No previous experience is required.

Resource Requirements

Students MUST provide their own vintage panels to work on. All panels must be repaired ready for refinishing.
NOTE: All panels must be removed from the College at the completion of each class.

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