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Metal pre-treatment to various surfaces, Basic surface preparation, Primers and filler, Thinning ratios, Gun Techniques and application, Top coat application and Finishing off processes.

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Established in the 1960’s, our Carlisle campus is now known as one of Perth's best kept secrets. On the outskirts of the Perth CBD, Carlisle’s modest buildings house some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world. Our Carlisle campus houses some of the most sophisticated training equipment in the world and is Western Australia's major centre for automotive studies and panel beating.
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Fees are normally paid each semester at the time of enrolling and consist of:
Course fees:  Full-time study course fees vary with each qualification.   Part-time study course fees are only paid for the units you enrol in each semester.  The maximum course fee for one semester in 2009 is $570.   The maximum concession rate course fee for one semester in 2009 is $285.   There are a number of ways to qualify for the concession rate.  Please contact the college if you think you may be eligible. Students studying in Access or Bridging Programs pay a flat fee of $25 instead of course fees.

Resource fees:  Cover the cost of materials and resources provided by the college.   Costs vary from unit to unit with most below $25.   A small number of units may have high resource fees.
There may also be textbooks, equipment or materials to purchase.

Do not give up your place!   Fee instalment plans are available for students experiencing financial hardship. If you expect difficulty in paying these fees on enrolment, please ring Polytechnic West Information on 08 9267 7500 for advice on other options.

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If you miss the dates, are unsure of meeting the entry requirements, or are in financial difficulty, contact (08) 9267 7500 for advice on options.

You do not have to pay an application fee if you apply by the first closing date in November of the year prior to studying.
Changes of preference are free of charge.
If you apply after the first closing date in November you will have to pay a single non-refundable fee of $75.
Applications submitted without the required fee (where applicable) will be returned.

It is free to apply for full-time studies in second semester.
No late applications are accepted.
Changes of preference are free of charge.



September 04, 2009     Applications available to study full-time in first semester of 2010.

October 16, 2009     Final closing date for courses requiring a folio to be submitted.  No applications for these courses are accepted after this date.

November 13, 2009     First closing date for applications to be considered in the first round of offers. A late fee of $75.00 applies to all applications after this date.

December 09, 2009     Final closing date for late applications to be considered in the first round of offers.

January 15, 2010     Closing date for applications to be considered in the second round of offers.

January 20, 2010     First round offer letters issued.

February 01, 2010     Second round offer letters issued.

(Not all qualifications are offered in the second semester)

May 04, 2010      Applications available to study full-time commencing mid-year in 2010.

May 28, 2010      Applications for courses requiring a folio close.

June 09, 2010      All other applications to study full-time commencing mid-year in 2010 close.

June 25, 2010     Mid-year offer letters posted out.

Application Forms and supporting documents [copies of school reports, other qualifications and evidence of work experience] can be lodged at any TAFE campus or mailed to the TAFE Admissions Centre address on the back of the Application Form.

First semester runs from February to June (approx); second semester runs from July to December (approx).

Students wanting to enrol in bridging/access programs apply directly to the college, not TAFE Admissions.

TAFE Admissions contacts successful applicants by letter with details of enrolment dates.

Resource Requirements

Students MUST provide their own vintage panels to work on. All panels must be repaired ready for refinishing.
NOTE: All panels must be removed from the College at the completion of each class.

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